What a day we had the other day. We were in the lounge when I suddenly heard a thud on the decking outside the sliding doors, when I took a closer look I discovered it was a poor little bird, a house martin, I assume it had misjudged its flight between the houses and hit the wall. Well, there it lay, on its back with its legs in the air looking quite pathetic so I called for Big Bruv to see what we could do.

Big Bruv gently picked up the tiny little thing and sat on a chair outside with it cupped in his hands, positioned over and under the bird so it was similar to the actual nest it makes and with a gap to see from or fly out of.
The little bird eventually came round but seemed quite happy sitting there, meanwhile the heavens opened and I had to cover Big Bruv with my coat as he was getting soaked, TWO HOURS and one soaked Bruv later, I suggested putting the bird in his minature chimnea on the table under the gazebo cover, thus giving Bruv a rest from sitting like a soggy statue trying to keep the bird warm and dry until it had recovered fully.

Another forty five minutes passed and it had a go at flying but crashed onto the decking then fell where we couldn't reach it. I stretched my hand between the decking and the wall as far as I could and it slowly struggled towards me and hopped onto my hand. We put it back in the chimnea and put the chimnea into the greenhouse for the night as by now it was getting late and we didn't want to leave it to the local cats or foxes. We checked on it now and again and watched as it settled itself for a sleep. Next morning at about 5am, Big Bruv opened the greenhouse door and we just kept our fingers crossed. We were going out for the day and just before we left we checked on it again, this time it wasn't there. We went inside and checked all round to see if it was in there but the greenhouse was empty so we are sure it must have fully recovered and flown away. What a lovely feeling that gave us.
Love Azzy

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odd facts said...

Awe. It always feels wonderful to help an animal like that.