OH..... HELLO THERE.......


Good grief! 😱  Forgot all about this blog. I'm more into Facebook and now and again Twitter.

I tried to remember my password πŸ€” but it must be about six years since I last came on here so, of course, I couldn't 😀. Spent ages trying every password I could think of that I had used over the years, THEN noticed I could contact Google and just put in a new one......πŸ™„.DUH!

GAVE UP SMOKING 🚬two years ago tomorrow (16th Feb) never for a minute did I believe I could or would but I did YAY! 🚭

In August this year (2017) we will have lived here for seven years. SEVEN YEARS! Little'Un πŸ‘ΆπŸ» not so little πŸ‘§πŸ½  anymore she all growdid up πŸ‘©πŸ½ she'll be 1️⃣8️⃣ this year!!! And is in full time college taking a photography course.πŸ“· πŸ“ΉπŸŽ₯πŸ“½πŸŽž

Can't believe how fast the time has gone. I'll have to try and get on here more, used to love my silly ravings.

Gotta go now, I'll try not to leave a six year gap before I'm back next time. πŸ‘‹πŸΌ


Hi everyone,
Sorry I took so long to do these couple of posts but been enjoying living by the beach! Also, as put in the little message box on the left, it takes ages to load my blog and I won't spend my time sat here waiting when I could be out enjoying myself!

We are two minutes from the beach and five minutes from the local wildlife park where we go regular to watch the canoeing, model boat racing, and feed the swans, ducks, geese, coots, moorhens and grebes.
We also feed the fish, as when we throw bread for the birds, some enourmous fish surface and grab what they can!

Had my stepdaughter (the one I like!) and her boyfriend stop for the Bank Holiday weekend not long after we moved in, that was a really nice weekend.

Me and Little'Un sometimes go to the beach and watch the RNLI doing their training, watched them last night, bit cold and windy but enjoyable.

On a clear day, if you look to the right across the water, you can see Wales (not sure, but think all the bright lights at night might be Cardiff?), if you look to the left we can see down the river Parrett almost to where Big Bruv lives, to the right there are two islands, a big one and a little one (can't remember their names right now) they are the same ones you can see from the beach at Weston.

Little'Un has really settled in great down here, she loves her new school and has made quite a few friends.
I feel a lot calmer down here too, as the pace of life is slower so my smoking has gone from 35-40 a day down to 10-15!!!!! Although sometimes I smoke even less than that.
Went back up to Manchester to visit Mum, Dad, Little'Uns Dad and my previous neighbour and bestest bud Shell in September just for the day, funnily enough, my smoking immediately shot back up and I coughed all the way back to Somerset in the car!

Really looking forward to the firework display on the beach in a couple of weeks. PLUS! The carnival (see video clips in left hand column) passes right under our window as it goes along Burnham High Street, I will get my camera and maybe even my video camera all batteried up and ready to go!

Went to Bridgwater fair a couple of weeks ago, WOW! Biggest fairground I have ever seen!!! Lil'Sis was here at the time so we all went together Big Bruv, Sis'in'Law, Lil'Sis, Little'Un and me, had a fabulous time, went on loads of rides. I felt just like a teenager again, screaming at the top of my lungs and laughing so much my eyes were streaming and my stomach hurt. Almost made myself sick through going on everything but a great time was had by all!

Will try to blog more and also stick some pics on.


By the time I had typed all the above, it wouldn't let me post, it had shut down connection, don't know why, maybe I had lost the signal, who knows????
It does this all the time!!!!
I hate this computer!!!!!

I'll keep trying though, I'm not going to type this all over again!!!



I agree in part to what the Government is trying to do, clearing out scroungers from the benefits system. BUT........ do not tar everyone with the same brush!!!
And not at the expense of the actual sick and therefore innocent claimant!!!

In my post above I have put that Lil'Sis had been for a visit. It was a blummin' good job she did. She needed to calm down and relax plus get fed and looked after by Big Bruv, Sis'in'Law and myself. We were actually frightened for her health! 


I'll tell you why........

Lil'Sis has high blood pressure and has been on the sick through very bad depression for a number of years now. A couple of months ago she had her yearly medical assessment....What a shambles!!!!
The assessor ticked all the wrong boxes!!! Seems he decided there is nothing wrong with her and stated so on the form, immediately the 'powers that be' stopped all incapacity payments and left her with absolutely NOTHING to live on, she couldn't buy food, she couldn't get her blood pressure prescription or pay any bills.


Her blood pressure rocketed to 180 over 120 when it should be 140 over 80 (or something like that?)
She became extremely depressed and ill.


She was told to ring the DWP and sort out an appeal and they would then pay her a reduced rate until her appeal got sorted. She did as she was told, sent her appeal then waited for the reduced payment to hit her bank...she waited.....waited....waited....three weeks passed without any money and she decided to ring again to find out when it would come through. Only then did she get told she actually had to APPLY for the reduced rate. So, she applied..... she waited...waited...waited... another two weeks had gone by so she rang again only to be told the DWP had lost all her paperwork and she would have to reapply for everything all over again.


The assessor, we think, had got her mixed up with someone else of the same name as in his report he named her doctor incorrectly, gave the date of when she started on the sick incorrectly, and gave idiotic details which were never even discussed in the assessment like...She naps a lot during the day????? She socialises on a daily basis??????? She is not off sick due to any medical reason????? She is off sick due to redundancy????? She goes shopping weekly yet, at the same time, goes shopping monthly??????  WHAT????!!!! Who/what is this guy talking about?


Seems she will also be penalised due to coming down here to be fed and looked after by us, (you don't get anything if your family is supporting you!!!) What were we supposed to do, let her starve or let her blood pressure kill her????


Poor Lil'Sis is now having to take this to a tribunal to try and get it sorted out, how she will cope with this stress I don't know.



Hi everyone,

Just spent the day at Saddleworth Show. Had a brilliant time.
Put a couple of pics on here for you.

There were donkey, camel (see pic) and llama races, falconry displays, dog show (we missed this as it didn't have a time on the programme) a fairground (see pic) screamed my head off on the Waltzers and the Cyclone rides but loved every minute! Should have seen me trying to get off the Waltzers with my dickie knee, the damn thing kept swinging round and I kept falling back into my seat, couldn't get up for laughing!!

There were all kinds of food and craft stalls, my favourite was the 'Hog Roast' YUM!
A duck race, canoeing, a vintage car show, brass bands, a scarecrow contest (free entry if you turned up as a scarecrow!), face painting (see pic) and Morris dancing.
Spent way, way too much money but we don't get to go to things like this often so what the heck, we enjoyed ourselves!
As per usual the heavens opened but at least it wasn't until about 3.30pm so we had a good few hours there beforehand.
I have put their website as a link although I haven't yet been on it myself, after I have finished this post I'll be popping over for a look, just click on my post heading to go see for yourself.

Well, that's all for now, just thought I would pop in and do a post of our great day. Will probably do another post about our local Carnival in July just before we leave to live in Somerset in August, until then, hope everyone is keeping happy and well.

Love Azzy XXX



Well folks, sorry not been on for a while, been real busy making plans and generally living my everyday life.
Got so much going on right now that I just haven't had time to visit my blog.

Just got back this weekend from a stay in Somerset at big Bruvs, lovely and relaxing and the weather was beautiful, warm and mostly sunny, it did wonders for my dickie knee, I hardly limped and walked for miles (can't do that up here, it's too cold and damp, I'm sure my dickie knee is RUST from all the rain in Manchester!)

We found the perfect place we want to move to. I'm saving really hard for the move, making sure I have enough for my rent deposit, first months rent, administration fees and moving costs with a little extra for any unexpected costs that may crop up, I will have enough by the end of July!!!

Went to see the school Little'Un will be going to, it was closed for Easter but the following week we went back and the caretaker was there so we got quite a few leaflets/information off him, while there we saw loads of properties for rent and visited a few estate agents for details.

Little'Un loves the place, it's such a small town that no matter where in it you live, you are only about five minutes from the beach. 

Neither of us can wait and have started packing up bits and pieces already!

Well, that's all for now, hope you are all keeping well and will pop over to a few of you now to catch up on things.

Will try to post a little more often, can't promise though, busy, busy, busy!

Love Azzy


Look who won first prize in the school 'World Book Day' competition today.

The kids had to dress up as characters from any book they wanted, if they didn't want to do it, they were allowed to go to school in their pyjamas.

Me and Little'Un really struggled with what to do that wouldn't cost too much as most kids actually buy a costume. (I can't afford to do anything like that, so I usually make it myself. Last year she came second, she went as Princess Fiona from Shrek complete with green skin and sticky-out ears!). Thing was, we were only given a couple of days notice from school about this competition.

Anyway, after lots of suggestions, she came up with the idea of '101 Dalmatians'.
She rooted through her wardrobe and all her drawers to find any white clothes she had and we sat for ages trying to figure out how to do the spots on them without ruining her clothes.

At one point she was crying and said to forget it she would wear her pyjamas, then she went to bed (sniff, sniff). I decided not to give up that easily and stayed up working on the outfit.

With marker pen I did spots on an old pair of white tights, same with the ears (made out of an old pair of socks attached with tape to a black headband) the rest of the spots on her clothes were cut from paper I had coloured black and stuck on with sticky tape. I found some old white and black make-up of mine to do her face and TA-DA! A dalmatian!

She woke this morning to find the outfit laid out on the table and was over the moon. She giggled like mad when she saw her reflection in the mirror.

As expected, some of the other kids wore shop bought outfits, quite a lot had turned their uniform into a St Trinians outfit and most wore pyjamas so I was SOOOOO proud when she came running out after school, beaming from ear to ear, waving her £5 book token prize and shouting "I WON, I WON!"

She had the Head Master laughing when she told him unfortunately the other 100 dalmatians couldn't make it as they were off sick! (Seems I have a little commedienne in the making!)

Not bad for bits of paper a marker pen and a pair of old socks!


Love Azzy.


Hello all,

Just thought I would post a pic of my fishies, getting on a bit but still going strong.

The gold one - Goldie (looking a bit worse for wear with a few scales missing due to both fish pushing and shoving each other around the tank, not quite fighting, more like playing) is the only one that stayed the same colour as it was when I got it.
The white one - Patch, originally had gold and white patches. This is the one that survived four or so hours stuck behind a cupboard unit on the soggy carpet when ex-hubby smashed the tank to smithereens when he fell on it and we had to rush him to A & E (see one of my previous posts '999 or 911' for the full story!).

These fish were only about half an inch long when I got them, they are now SIX inches long!!! If they grow anymore I will have to get a bigger tank!

They still keep laying eggs every now and again (don't know which is doing it? or even if both?) but none are hatching. Most of the time I only notice the eggs because they are eating them. Greedy little so-and-so's they get fed twice a day and still scoff hundreds of eggs. No wonder they are so blummin' big.

Thats all for now.

Love Azzy.


Well folks, hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and wish you all a wonderful, happy and healthy 2010!

Our Christmas was a good un!

Had all the family round at my flat for the day, cooked them breakfast, then we all opened our prezzies, Little'Un had SO many, it took ages! Nothing big or expensive but lots and lots to open! 
I did my famous Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, if I say so myself, brag, brag, I do a fantastic Christmas dinner. The local big store had actually ran out of turkeys so I had to get a great big chicken to roast, with it we had mashed potatoes, roasties, mashed carrots and turnips for Little'Un (the only veggies she will eat), roast parsnips, sprouts, roast carrots, pigs in blankets, fried mushrooms, fried red, green and yellow peppers, enormous bowl of stuffing with added onions, apple sauce, cranberry sauce and thick rich gravy. YUM!
Always do way too much but that way everyone can have seconds or even thirds! which they usually do!
I made a plate up for my ex for when he came round Boxing Day. Max the dog and Tess (Lil'Sis German Shepherd) both got loads to eat too. Nobody had room for the Christmas pudding, mince pies and chocolate fudge cake we had got for afters.

Not been on here much due to going on facebook, found quite a few of our American relatives so email and go on chat with them regularly. We visited them in Arkansas back in 1976 and one of our cousins I had been emailing rang Mum on Christmas Day. Mum was over the moon! She spoke to each one of us. Little'Un loved it and was amazed at her real Southern drawl.
Little'Un has been going round saying "Hi yawl, yawl have a real good time y'hear" at every opportunity.

Well, I am now setting wheels in motion for our move down South, aiming for some time in the school six weeks holidays so we can settle in before Little'Un starts the new term at a new school, she is getting excited about the move and a new school. I have a lot flat hunting, planning and saving to do before then.

At the moment Lil'Sis is extremely ill with some kind of viral infection, her gas meter isn't working so there is no heat whatsoever in her flat and with the freezing snowy weather (see pretty picture below) she has had to move into Mums until she is well and the Gas company have been to sort it all out. I said she could have come here but she needs rest and no-one gets any rest with Little'Un around! At first we thought it could be that swine flu but we are not too sure? She has a really bad chest infection so is struggling to breathe, a persistant dry painful cough, can only talk in a whisper and last night came out in a vivid pink/reddish rash from her ears to her toes. We did the pressing a glass to the rash test but couldn't make up our minds about it so Mum rang the NHS helpline, they said it sounded like a viral infection and if she is not feeling any better within 48 hours she is to call out a doctor but if it gets any worse in that time she is to ring an ambulance and get to hospital, other than that, she was told just to rest, drink plenty of fluids and take paracetamols. Fingers crossed that the rash was the peak and she will start feeling better soon.

BRRRRRR! IT'S FREEZING! A foot of snow and everything has come to a standstill! No traffic (cars or buses), hardly anyone out and about, airports closed, schools are closed, are the gritter lorries anywhere to be seen? Nah!
Pretty scenery though!That's all the news I have for now, as I said at the start of this post, hope you all have a brilliant 2010.

Loadsa luv.


Nothing happened with my fith eggs, they just went all slimy so I had to flush them before they stunk out the flat! Since then, my ickle fithies have laid again, I hadn't noticed at first. Well, it was first thing in the morning and I have to get myself and Little'Un up and ready for school.
By the time I had taken Little'Un to school and returned home, they had gobbled them all up!
Oh well, maybe I'll be a fith Mum one day!
That's all for now, hope you ALL have a fantastic Christmas and a happy New Year.
Love Azzy.

P.S. Lookie, lookie! We splashed out on a new tree! Look at all the presents! Whooo hooo!


Don't think I will be a momma after all, not sure?
Not much has happened but it looks like they are all turning that sort of solid creamish colour!
I will give it a little longer to see if there are any developments but think they may have died or weren't fertilized in the first place? All I can do is wait!

Love Azzy


Oi! What's all the laughing for?
Wadda ya mean I'm too old!

Stop it!... Wipe your eyes and read on....

The other day I was cleaning out my fish tank, must admit it really needed it couldn't even tell there were any fish in there!
When..... I discovered, stuck to the glass bottom, all over the ornamental pebbles and the ornamental plants.....DAN, DAN, DAAAAAAR!
Hundreds of them!
Arrrrgh! What to do????

I had already scraped some up before I realised what they were.
Well, I decided I might as well carry on cleaning the tank so I then very carefully removed EVERY LAST ONE! There must have been at least 500!

I transferred them to my spare tank (I normally put my fish in this one while I clean the main tank) and sent a text to Lil'Sis to give her my news, she is down in Somerset for three weeks at Big Bruvs with her German Shepherd, Tess. She told Big Bruv who immediately went on the internet to find out any information he could for me and got her to text back saying I had done the right thing by removing them from the main tank.
I thought it was best to do that because of the filters, didn't want any eggs or fry being sucked into them.
Later that day, my neighbour called and I told her about it, she said to put them back but turn off the filters. I wasn't too sure about it but she said her ex used to breed fish and I should have left them where they were, so I decided to do a little test and only put about 30 back.
Good job I didn't put them all back, the parents immediately gobbled them all up!!!!

Anyway, some are now a sort of solid light beige colour and the rest are a sort of clear caramel colour, guess that means some are fertilized and some are not????
Didn't even know my two fish were different sexes. How on earth can you tell? Then again, why should I bother what sex they are, it only matters to the fish.

I went on the internet myself to see if I could get any more information about what to do and it seems I just leave them to it now. If they hatch, they hatch. If not, there's not much I can do about it.

I've read that you should mix cooked egg yolk into a paste with water and put a tiny bit in their tank after they have hatched and been swimming about for about three days, so that's what I'm going to do. I also read they can go back in with their parents but only when they are larger than the parents mouth!

Because I have been on the internet for information, I have discovered that they are not just pretty goldfish as I call them, they are 'Veiltails'.

As I say, I don't know if the eggs will hatch or if they do, how many will survive.
They are so tiny and my eyes aren't what they used to be but it looks like there are about 200 or so clear caramel colour ones and about the same amount of a sor of solid creamish colour so fingers crossed. (and eyes and toes!)

That's all for now, I'll keep you updated but think it will be at least another week or so before anything happens. I'll know immediately though as I sit and stare at them for ages to see if there is any movement.

Good grief I need to get a life!

Ta ta for now.
Love Azzy.
Until my next post.




She went to the show!

Her Dad actually turned up and took her!

She came back with candy floss (cotton candy) two crowns with Micky Mouse ears (they came with the candy floss, she got TWO big bags full), she had a flashing wand and the biggest, loveliest smile I have seen in a long time! She then proceeded to tell me and Lil'Sis all about it.
I haven't seen her that excited since we went to Disneyworld, Florida.
All the characters from all the films she had seen were there and it sounded like it was quite a spectacular.

She was still talking about it (and still grinning!) the next morning.

THIS IS THE BOOOOO BIT!!!!!!!.........

Unfortunately, he reverted back to his normal self within days and was back to letting her down.
She had a small part in her school Assembly play and had asked her Dad to go see her.
He refused because I was going! I text him saying he should be there for his Daughter and that she wanted him there. He texted back that he didn't want to be in the same room as me! I replied that the school hall was large enough for him to sit as far away from me as he liked and I couldn't understand why he hates me so much.
I had hoped we could stay friends, had told him when I left that I still loved him but just couldn't live with him due to the way he was treating us both.
I don't make things awkward, I don't ask for money, I let him see her whenever and as often as he likes, and he has got the house! So I can't understand why he is being hostile towards me????

He said, when I left, "Don't go turning her against me!"
Well. sweetie, I don't have to say a word, you are doing that all by yourself!

Anyway. I just hope he starts being honest with her and turning up when he says he will, it is not her fault we split and she shouldn't have to suffer for it! Hope he gets to read this blog sometime and it actually sinks in what he is doing to her because no amount explaining by me helps, seems I'm just a NAG!

He had one hell of a go at me the other week, he rang Little'Un on her mobile (cell) then asked to talk to me, he then proceeded to scream down the phone his usual comment of "GET A BLOODY JOB". And how he wouldn't be in all this debt if it wasn't for me and that I have shirked and ignored my responsibilities by not going to the house every day to walk Max and feed him!!! (I don't have any keys, he took them back!!!!)

He had almost cried when we split (not because I was leaving, but because of Max) he begged me to leave Max with him because he loved him so much, so that's what I did!

Don't think he realised the amount of work involved with looking after a dog. He was only used to coming home from work, patting Max on the head and then going to the pub! Now, he has to walk him, feed him, play with him and put up with the destruction in the house when he is left on his own. (Sorry sweetie, that's how you wanted it, you got your house and you got your dog!!!!)

One of his other Daughters has recently taken him to the Small Claims Court over a loan of £500 she gave him about two or three years ago of which he had promised almost every week to pay her back but she hasn't received a penny! My Mother should do the same! He has owed her £1200 for two years now and has promised her repayment over and over again! HA! NOT A SINGLE PENNY!!

The other day I was bloody livid. He wanted Little'Un to stop over at his as he had a couple of days off work, I'd said OK and she happily skipped off with him. Later that evening there was a knock on my door and there they both stood. He said she just wanted to come home then he left.
Once inside Little'Un burst into tears and told me what had happened....
Seems his girlfriend was there, (Little'Un has met her before and likes her) but this time the girlfriend wanted him all to herself and told Little'Un to go and sit in the bedroom while they 'talked'. Little'Un said she sat for ages on her own just staring out the window until she eventually went back downstairs and asked to be brought home. I rang him the next day saying that that was Little'Uns time with him and that his girlfriend had no right to tell her to go sit in the bedroom on her own, neither should he have allowed it!!!
I told him he can do what he likes with whoever he likes wheresoever and whenever he likes, but not on the times he is supposed to spend with Little'Un!

Phew, I feel better for that.
Sorry, but I needed to scream, good job there is no sound on this post!

Any absent Dads out there, please take note.......
Put your kids first no matter what you think of their Mother. They are the innocents!

That's all for now.

Luv Azzy.


Whoo, hoo! We now have internet!

Little'Un has a laptop thanks to a brilliant new Government scheme called 'Home Access' that allows struggling families without computer/internet to get online, thus enabling the children to make use of the laptop for study purposes. You receive a set package of a laptop with pre-programmed security and free connection for a year. After which you can, should you wish, purchase the package yourself at an affordable (?) price.
We have had the laptop since early July this year but there was some kind of connection problem with it and the pre-installed security programme was blocking all internet access including its OWN website!
No idea what was wrong, it just didn't work from day one, all we could do was play solitaire. Not exactly educational!
I have spent a fortune over past nine weeks ringing from my mobile (cell phone in USA) as I have no land line, to try and get the issue resolved and suddenly today..... PROBLEM SOLVED?
The computer company actually rang me this morning to see if they could try again to resolve it, I told them it was suddenly up and working and they seemed as surprised as I was!

Anyway, Hello everyone!
It was Little'Uns Birthday on Sunday (20th) TEN YEARS OLD!
Wow, where does the time go!
I had been saving for a freezer but decided to use the money on her present.

She wanted to take a cycling proficiency test they were running from school but the bike she had had brakes that wouldn't have passed the roadworthyness (if there is such a word?) test, they did work but not well enough as sometimes they sort of slipped. Plus she is growing so fast, another few months and her knees would have been hitting her chin as she cycled so I decided to sacrifice my freezer and treat her to a brand new bike. Big and bright pink! She loves it!
I have told her it's her Birthday and Christmas present rolled into one. Though she knows I will still get her something to open on Christmas Day.
I did her a party at our flat the day before her Birthday with six of her friends although it sounded more like forty!

Think everyone had a good time, they made enough noise and mess!
Her Dad offered to go half towards the cost of the bike and I foolishly believed him like so many of his other previous promises/offers of help.
Ha, ha, ha, he gets me every time with these little jokes he plays on me!

Don't particularly mind it myself, I'm used to it. Just hate it! Hate it! Hate it! When he does the same to Little'Un!
He doesn't get to see her tears when she is stood watching out the window waiting for him to visit or pick her up when he said he would, then he just doesn't turn up, most times, she doesn't even get a phone call or even a text of explanation!
Sorry, starting to winge again aren't I?
Just hope he sticks to the latest promise he made her (when he called with a card) that he is going to take her to see Disney on Ice for her Birthday. I will let you know if she actually goes.

It's so difficult bringing up a child on your own, I am terrified I am making a mess of it. How do you manage a balanced upbringing? I sometimes feel I am over compensating for the lack of a Father and she will end up a spoilt little brat but at the same time, I want to make her happy and give her everything! I want her to be independent yet don't want her to think I don't care about her! What if, what if, what if?
Good grief it's hard!

Anyway folks, now we are up and running, I will be posting more often and hope you all get back to me with any little bits of wisdom to help. Thanks.

Love Azzy. XXX


Yesterday we had a lovely day out at a place called Puxton Park. It was an Alice in Wonderland weekend so all the staff were dressed up as the characters. Little'Un really enjoyed herself, there were all types of farm animals, even alpaca, a petting zoo, things to climb up, on, and over, slidy things and bouncy things, she had a whale of a time. As you can see in photo number 3, that is me being a bit of a silly moo and pulling my face (the things we do when we have kids. Sigh.....!) Photo number four was taken by Little'Un, how it was not blurred I will never know as she was laughing so much due to me being attacked by chickens, they were pecking at my legs and shoes and pulling my laces. Little'Un rode a pony for the first time, which she said was fantastic even though she said it was a little bumpy on her bum.We sat and watched cows being milked. Little'Un (and me to tell the truth) were amazed at how the machinery does it all automatically then drops off when it has finished! Little'Un wasn't too impressed with the smell though. We have ended up staying at Big Bruvs longer than originally planned and will not be leaving until Friday of this week.

We have had a wonderful time and the weather has been perfect on the days we have planned to go out, sunny while we were out and about and only rained when we got back to the house tea time.
We are planning to go to Sedgemoor Splash again later this week, the local pool in Bridgwater which has slides, fountains, whirlpool and a wave machine Little'Un absolutely loves the place. Unfortunately it seems it isn't making enough money and the local Council will be closing it down this month.

Will post again soon.
Love Azzy


What a day we had the other day. We were in the lounge when I suddenly heard a thud on the decking outside the sliding doors, when I took a closer look I discovered it was a poor little bird, a house martin, I assume it had misjudged its flight between the houses and hit the wall. Well, there it lay, on its back with its legs in the air looking quite pathetic so I called for Big Bruv to see what we could do.

Big Bruv gently picked up the tiny little thing and sat on a chair outside with it cupped in his hands, positioned over and under the bird so it was similar to the actual nest it makes and with a gap to see from or fly out of.
The little bird eventually came round but seemed quite happy sitting there, meanwhile the heavens opened and I had to cover Big Bruv with my coat as he was getting soaked, TWO HOURS and one soaked Bruv later, I suggested putting the bird in his minature chimnea on the table under the gazebo cover, thus giving Bruv a rest from sitting like a soggy statue trying to keep the bird warm and dry until it had recovered fully.

Another forty five minutes passed and it had a go at flying but crashed onto the decking then fell where we couldn't reach it. I stretched my hand between the decking and the wall as far as I could and it slowly struggled towards me and hopped onto my hand. We put it back in the chimnea and put the chimnea into the greenhouse for the night as by now it was getting late and we didn't want to leave it to the local cats or foxes. We checked on it now and again and watched as it settled itself for a sleep. Next morning at about 5am, Big Bruv opened the greenhouse door and we just kept our fingers crossed. We were going out for the day and just before we left we checked on it again, this time it wasn't there. We went inside and checked all round to see if it was in there but the greenhouse was empty so we are sure it must have fully recovered and flown away. What a lovely feeling that gave us.
Love Azzy


Hi de hi folks,


In Somerset this week staying with my Big Bruv so am taking the opportunity to use his PC. (He, he!)

Wow, didn't realise how long had passed since last time I had been on here!

Guess I'll have to do a lot of blog reading while I'm here to try and catch up with all your news.

Good grief I've missed you all so much!

Been very, very busy and stressed out for a while. I left Hubby in March.

Me and Little'Un have got a little flat just down the road from my Mum and Dad. It's perfectly situated, just a short walk (about a mile) to Little'Uns school and the local pool. Grandparents just down the road. Across the road facing our flat is a general store, Indian takeaway and a Chinese takeaway. next door on the left hand side is a pub where a girl Isobelle (8) and her little brother Alex (4) live so Little'Un plays there a lot of the time.
Our flat is two bedroomed and on the ground floor, it has a walk-in shower rather than bath which comes in handy for me due to my dicky knee (Osteo-arthritis). Not too good with stairs now and more often than not have to use my walking stick.

I am starting to plan for a better future for us now and one of the things on my list is moving to the South, think Little'Un will have a better and safer future down there. People go on over here in England about 'The Friendly North' What a load of ****! You could collapse in the street and they would just step over you tutting! There are a few exceptions of course but they are few and far between.

Anyway, hopefully I will be able to hobble to our local library (as often as I can) to keep up to date with my blog as I don't have a phone line or internet access in the flat.

Going to finish here as I really want to whizz round to all your blogs and see what you have been up to. Plus I don't want to come down to Somerset and spend my time sat indoors typing. Will post again very soon.

Missed Ya!
Loadsa luv.


What a great day I had today!

I found out from one of the other Mums that you can purchase school uniform items from lost property some of which are items returned from kids that have outgrown theirs or left for another school.

I managed to get Little'Un two larger jumpers for £1 (50 cents) each!!!
The sleeves actually come down to her wrists and kept her arms warm.
To buy two new would cost £17.00 (approx $8 - $9).

Lots of little things happened that made me feel good today, finding coins on the floor for one, not a lot but I then could buy Little'Un a cake from the bakery on the way home as a treat.

Little'Un will be doing another concert in March and this time Mum, Dad and Lil'Sis have said they will come see her so Little'Un is over the moon about that.

All in all, it's been a real nice day.

Until next time,

Loadsaluv Azzy.