Hi de hi folks,


In Somerset this week staying with my Big Bruv so am taking the opportunity to use his PC. (He, he!)

Wow, didn't realise how long had passed since last time I had been on here!

Guess I'll have to do a lot of blog reading while I'm here to try and catch up with all your news.

Good grief I've missed you all so much!

Been very, very busy and stressed out for a while. I left Hubby in March.

Me and Little'Un have got a little flat just down the road from my Mum and Dad. It's perfectly situated, just a short walk (about a mile) to Little'Uns school and the local pool. Grandparents just down the road. Across the road facing our flat is a general store, Indian takeaway and a Chinese takeaway. next door on the left hand side is a pub where a girl Isobelle (8) and her little brother Alex (4) live so Little'Un plays there a lot of the time.
Our flat is two bedroomed and on the ground floor, it has a walk-in shower rather than bath which comes in handy for me due to my dicky knee (Osteo-arthritis). Not too good with stairs now and more often than not have to use my walking stick.

I am starting to plan for a better future for us now and one of the things on my list is moving to the South, think Little'Un will have a better and safer future down there. People go on over here in England about 'The Friendly North' What a load of ****! You could collapse in the street and they would just step over you tutting! There are a few exceptions of course but they are few and far between.

Anyway, hopefully I will be able to hobble to our local library (as often as I can) to keep up to date with my blog as I don't have a phone line or internet access in the flat.

Going to finish here as I really want to whizz round to all your blogs and see what you have been up to. Plus I don't want to come down to Somerset and spend my time sat indoors typing. Will post again very soon.

Missed Ya!
Loadsa luv.

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sandy said...

Please please continue to update I feel you are a kindred spirit..Good luck in you endeavors- onward. How's Max?