Whoo, hoo! We now have internet!

Little'Un has a laptop thanks to a brilliant new Government scheme called 'Home Access' that allows struggling families without computer/internet to get online, thus enabling the children to make use of the laptop for study purposes. You receive a set package of a laptop with pre-programmed security and free connection for a year. After which you can, should you wish, purchase the package yourself at an affordable (?) price.
We have had the laptop since early July this year but there was some kind of connection problem with it and the pre-installed security programme was blocking all internet access including its OWN website!
No idea what was wrong, it just didn't work from day one, all we could do was play solitaire. Not exactly educational!
I have spent a fortune over past nine weeks ringing from my mobile (cell phone in USA) as I have no land line, to try and get the issue resolved and suddenly today..... PROBLEM SOLVED?
The computer company actually rang me this morning to see if they could try again to resolve it, I told them it was suddenly up and working and they seemed as surprised as I was!

Anyway, Hello everyone!
It was Little'Uns Birthday on Sunday (20th) TEN YEARS OLD!
Wow, where does the time go!
I had been saving for a freezer but decided to use the money on her present.

She wanted to take a cycling proficiency test they were running from school but the bike she had had brakes that wouldn't have passed the roadworthyness (if there is such a word?) test, they did work but not well enough as sometimes they sort of slipped. Plus she is growing so fast, another few months and her knees would have been hitting her chin as she cycled so I decided to sacrifice my freezer and treat her to a brand new bike. Big and bright pink! She loves it!
I have told her it's her Birthday and Christmas present rolled into one. Though she knows I will still get her something to open on Christmas Day.
I did her a party at our flat the day before her Birthday with six of her friends although it sounded more like forty!

Think everyone had a good time, they made enough noise and mess!
Her Dad offered to go half towards the cost of the bike and I foolishly believed him like so many of his other previous promises/offers of help.
Ha, ha, ha, he gets me every time with these little jokes he plays on me!

Don't particularly mind it myself, I'm used to it. Just hate it! Hate it! Hate it! When he does the same to Little'Un!
He doesn't get to see her tears when she is stood watching out the window waiting for him to visit or pick her up when he said he would, then he just doesn't turn up, most times, she doesn't even get a phone call or even a text of explanation!
Sorry, starting to winge again aren't I?
Just hope he sticks to the latest promise he made her (when he called with a card) that he is going to take her to see Disney on Ice for her Birthday. I will let you know if she actually goes.

It's so difficult bringing up a child on your own, I am terrified I am making a mess of it. How do you manage a balanced upbringing? I sometimes feel I am over compensating for the lack of a Father and she will end up a spoilt little brat but at the same time, I want to make her happy and give her everything! I want her to be independent yet don't want her to think I don't care about her! What if, what if, what if?
Good grief it's hard!

Anyway folks, now we are up and running, I will be posting more often and hope you all get back to me with any little bits of wisdom to help. Thanks.

Love Azzy. XXX

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i beati said...

Oh I'm so glad - remember to send me your address for Christmas card..sandyakessler@gmail.com..love you !!