She went to the show!

Her Dad actually turned up and took her!

She came back with candy floss (cotton candy) two crowns with Micky Mouse ears (they came with the candy floss, she got TWO big bags full), she had a flashing wand and the biggest, loveliest smile I have seen in a long time! She then proceeded to tell me and Lil'Sis all about it.
I haven't seen her that excited since we went to Disneyworld, Florida.
All the characters from all the films she had seen were there and it sounded like it was quite a spectacular.

She was still talking about it (and still grinning!) the next morning.

THIS IS THE BOOOOO BIT!!!!!!!.........

Unfortunately, he reverted back to his normal self within days and was back to letting her down.
She had a small part in her school Assembly play and had asked her Dad to go see her.
He refused because I was going! I text him saying he should be there for his Daughter and that she wanted him there. He texted back that he didn't want to be in the same room as me! I replied that the school hall was large enough for him to sit as far away from me as he liked and I couldn't understand why he hates me so much.
I had hoped we could stay friends, had told him when I left that I still loved him but just couldn't live with him due to the way he was treating us both.
I don't make things awkward, I don't ask for money, I let him see her whenever and as often as he likes, and he has got the house! So I can't understand why he is being hostile towards me????

He said, when I left, "Don't go turning her against me!"
Well. sweetie, I don't have to say a word, you are doing that all by yourself!

Anyway. I just hope he starts being honest with her and turning up when he says he will, it is not her fault we split and she shouldn't have to suffer for it! Hope he gets to read this blog sometime and it actually sinks in what he is doing to her because no amount explaining by me helps, seems I'm just a NAG!

He had one hell of a go at me the other week, he rang Little'Un on her mobile (cell) then asked to talk to me, he then proceeded to scream down the phone his usual comment of "GET A BLOODY JOB". And how he wouldn't be in all this debt if it wasn't for me and that I have shirked and ignored my responsibilities by not going to the house every day to walk Max and feed him!!! (I don't have any keys, he took them back!!!!)

He had almost cried when we split (not because I was leaving, but because of Max) he begged me to leave Max with him because he loved him so much, so that's what I did!

Don't think he realised the amount of work involved with looking after a dog. He was only used to coming home from work, patting Max on the head and then going to the pub! Now, he has to walk him, feed him, play with him and put up with the destruction in the house when he is left on his own. (Sorry sweetie, that's how you wanted it, you got your house and you got your dog!!!!)

One of his other Daughters has recently taken him to the Small Claims Court over a loan of £500 she gave him about two or three years ago of which he had promised almost every week to pay her back but she hasn't received a penny! My Mother should do the same! He has owed her £1200 for two years now and has promised her repayment over and over again! HA! NOT A SINGLE PENNY!!

The other day I was bloody livid. He wanted Little'Un to stop over at his as he had a couple of days off work, I'd said OK and she happily skipped off with him. Later that evening there was a knock on my door and there they both stood. He said she just wanted to come home then he left.
Once inside Little'Un burst into tears and told me what had happened....
Seems his girlfriend was there, (Little'Un has met her before and likes her) but this time the girlfriend wanted him all to herself and told Little'Un to go and sit in the bedroom while they 'talked'. Little'Un said she sat for ages on her own just staring out the window until she eventually went back downstairs and asked to be brought home. I rang him the next day saying that that was Little'Uns time with him and that his girlfriend had no right to tell her to go sit in the bedroom on her own, neither should he have allowed it!!!
I told him he can do what he likes with whoever he likes wheresoever and whenever he likes, but not on the times he is supposed to spend with Little'Un!

Phew, I feel better for that.
Sorry, but I needed to scream, good job there is no sound on this post!

Any absent Dads out there, please take note.......
Put your kids first no matter what you think of their Mother. They are the innocents!

That's all for now.

Luv Azzy.


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