Oi! What's all the laughing for?
Wadda ya mean I'm too old!

Stop it!... Wipe your eyes and read on....

The other day I was cleaning out my fish tank, must admit it really needed it couldn't even tell there were any fish in there!
When..... I discovered, stuck to the glass bottom, all over the ornamental pebbles and the ornamental plants.....DAN, DAN, DAAAAAAR!
Hundreds of them!
Arrrrgh! What to do????

I had already scraped some up before I realised what they were.
Well, I decided I might as well carry on cleaning the tank so I then very carefully removed EVERY LAST ONE! There must have been at least 500!

I transferred them to my spare tank (I normally put my fish in this one while I clean the main tank) and sent a text to Lil'Sis to give her my news, she is down in Somerset for three weeks at Big Bruvs with her German Shepherd, Tess. She told Big Bruv who immediately went on the internet to find out any information he could for me and got her to text back saying I had done the right thing by removing them from the main tank.
I thought it was best to do that because of the filters, didn't want any eggs or fry being sucked into them.
Later that day, my neighbour called and I told her about it, she said to put them back but turn off the filters. I wasn't too sure about it but she said her ex used to breed fish and I should have left them where they were, so I decided to do a little test and only put about 30 back.
Good job I didn't put them all back, the parents immediately gobbled them all up!!!!

Anyway, some are now a sort of solid light beige colour and the rest are a sort of clear caramel colour, guess that means some are fertilized and some are not????
Didn't even know my two fish were different sexes. How on earth can you tell? Then again, why should I bother what sex they are, it only matters to the fish.

I went on the internet myself to see if I could get any more information about what to do and it seems I just leave them to it now. If they hatch, they hatch. If not, there's not much I can do about it.

I've read that you should mix cooked egg yolk into a paste with water and put a tiny bit in their tank after they have hatched and been swimming about for about three days, so that's what I'm going to do. I also read they can go back in with their parents but only when they are larger than the parents mouth!

Because I have been on the internet for information, I have discovered that they are not just pretty goldfish as I call them, they are 'Veiltails'.

As I say, I don't know if the eggs will hatch or if they do, how many will survive.
They are so tiny and my eyes aren't what they used to be but it looks like there are about 200 or so clear caramel colour ones and about the same amount of a sor of solid creamish colour so fingers crossed. (and eyes and toes!)

That's all for now, I'll keep you updated but think it will be at least another week or so before anything happens. I'll know immediately though as I sit and stare at them for ages to see if there is any movement.

Good grief I need to get a life!

Ta ta for now.
Love Azzy.
Until my next post.



i beati said...

congrats fish mum- I've heard of fishwives but not fish mums sandy

Michelle Dawn said...

hopefully at least some will hatch. Good luck. Sorry I've been missing but I'm trying to get back.