Nothing happened with my fith eggs, they just went all slimy so I had to flush them before they stunk out the flat! Since then, my ickle fithies have laid again, I hadn't noticed at first. Well, it was first thing in the morning and I have to get myself and Little'Un up and ready for school.
By the time I had taken Little'Un to school and returned home, they had gobbled them all up!
Oh well, maybe I'll be a fith Mum one day!
That's all for now, hope you ALL have a fantastic Christmas and a happy New Year.
Love Azzy.

P.S. Lookie, lookie! We splashed out on a new tree! Look at all the presents! Whooo hooo!


i beati said...

Good for you =have lost your address..sandy

Getty72 said...

Hope you have had a truly wonderful Christmas and wish you the bestest New Year ever!!!! xxxxx