Well folks, hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and wish you all a wonderful, happy and healthy 2010!

Our Christmas was a good un!

Had all the family round at my flat for the day, cooked them breakfast, then we all opened our prezzies, Little'Un had SO many, it took ages! Nothing big or expensive but lots and lots to open! 
I did my famous Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, if I say so myself, brag, brag, I do a fantastic Christmas dinner. The local big store had actually ran out of turkeys so I had to get a great big chicken to roast, with it we had mashed potatoes, roasties, mashed carrots and turnips for Little'Un (the only veggies she will eat), roast parsnips, sprouts, roast carrots, pigs in blankets, fried mushrooms, fried red, green and yellow peppers, enormous bowl of stuffing with added onions, apple sauce, cranberry sauce and thick rich gravy. YUM!
Always do way too much but that way everyone can have seconds or even thirds! which they usually do!
I made a plate up for my ex for when he came round Boxing Day. Max the dog and Tess (Lil'Sis German Shepherd) both got loads to eat too. Nobody had room for the Christmas pudding, mince pies and chocolate fudge cake we had got for afters.

Not been on here much due to going on facebook, found quite a few of our American relatives so email and go on chat with them regularly. We visited them in Arkansas back in 1976 and one of our cousins I had been emailing rang Mum on Christmas Day. Mum was over the moon! She spoke to each one of us. Little'Un loved it and was amazed at her real Southern drawl.
Little'Un has been going round saying "Hi yawl, yawl have a real good time y'hear" at every opportunity.

Well, I am now setting wheels in motion for our move down South, aiming for some time in the school six weeks holidays so we can settle in before Little'Un starts the new term at a new school, she is getting excited about the move and a new school. I have a lot flat hunting, planning and saving to do before then.

At the moment Lil'Sis is extremely ill with some kind of viral infection, her gas meter isn't working so there is no heat whatsoever in her flat and with the freezing snowy weather (see pretty picture below) she has had to move into Mums until she is well and the Gas company have been to sort it all out. I said she could have come here but she needs rest and no-one gets any rest with Little'Un around! At first we thought it could be that swine flu but we are not too sure? She has a really bad chest infection so is struggling to breathe, a persistant dry painful cough, can only talk in a whisper and last night came out in a vivid pink/reddish rash from her ears to her toes. We did the pressing a glass to the rash test but couldn't make up our minds about it so Mum rang the NHS helpline, they said it sounded like a viral infection and if she is not feeling any better within 48 hours she is to call out a doctor but if it gets any worse in that time she is to ring an ambulance and get to hospital, other than that, she was told just to rest, drink plenty of fluids and take paracetamols. Fingers crossed that the rash was the peak and she will start feeling better soon.

BRRRRRR! IT'S FREEZING! A foot of snow and everything has come to a standstill! No traffic (cars or buses), hardly anyone out and about, airports closed, schools are closed, are the gritter lorries anywhere to be seen? Nah!
Pretty scenery though!That's all the news I have for now, as I said at the start of this post, hope you all have a brilliant 2010.

Loadsa luv.


Michelle Dawn said...

Happy New Year my dear friend. Sounds like you did a huge amount of cooking but it all sounded yummy indeed. Hope your sis feels better soon. If you ever make it back to the states swing by to see me.LOL!

i beati said...

how did the move go?? sandy

AZZITIZZ said...

Hi Michelle Dawn,
It certainly was yummy! Lil'Sis is getting better but it's weeks ago she was ill and she still has a terribly quiet sort of croaky voice. Swing by to see you?
Unfortunately I can't see that happening for quite a number of years yet, single parent, no support from ex etc.. blah, blah, blah, but if it ever becomes a possibility, I'll be there like a shot!
Loadsa luv
Azzy X

P.S. Are you on Facebook?

AZZITIZZ said...

Hi Sandy,

Not gone yet, still saving for the move, hoping to go around August of this year.
Hope you are keeping well, love to you and all the family.

Big hugs and kisses.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I just dropped by to say hi!