Hi everyone,
Sorry I took so long to do these couple of posts but been enjoying living by the beach! Also, as put in the little message box on the left, it takes ages to load my blog and I won't spend my time sat here waiting when I could be out enjoying myself!

We are two minutes from the beach and five minutes from the local wildlife park where we go regular to watch the canoeing, model boat racing, and feed the swans, ducks, geese, coots, moorhens and grebes.
We also feed the fish, as when we throw bread for the birds, some enourmous fish surface and grab what they can!

Had my stepdaughter (the one I like!) and her boyfriend stop for the Bank Holiday weekend not long after we moved in, that was a really nice weekend.

Me and Little'Un sometimes go to the beach and watch the RNLI doing their training, watched them last night, bit cold and windy but enjoyable.

On a clear day, if you look to the right across the water, you can see Wales (not sure, but think all the bright lights at night might be Cardiff?), if you look to the left we can see down the river Parrett almost to where Big Bruv lives, to the right there are two islands, a big one and a little one (can't remember their names right now) they are the same ones you can see from the beach at Weston.

Little'Un has really settled in great down here, she loves her new school and has made quite a few friends.
I feel a lot calmer down here too, as the pace of life is slower so my smoking has gone from 35-40 a day down to 10-15!!!!! Although sometimes I smoke even less than that.
Went back up to Manchester to visit Mum, Dad, Little'Uns Dad and my previous neighbour and bestest bud Shell in September just for the day, funnily enough, my smoking immediately shot back up and I coughed all the way back to Somerset in the car!

Really looking forward to the firework display on the beach in a couple of weeks. PLUS! The carnival (see video clips in left hand column) passes right under our window as it goes along Burnham High Street, I will get my camera and maybe even my video camera all batteried up and ready to go!

Went to Bridgwater fair a couple of weeks ago, WOW! Biggest fairground I have ever seen!!! Lil'Sis was here at the time so we all went together Big Bruv, Sis'in'Law, Lil'Sis, Little'Un and me, had a fabulous time, went on loads of rides. I felt just like a teenager again, screaming at the top of my lungs and laughing so much my eyes were streaming and my stomach hurt. Almost made myself sick through going on everything but a great time was had by all!

Will try to blog more and also stick some pics on.


By the time I had typed all the above, it wouldn't let me post, it had shut down connection, don't know why, maybe I had lost the signal, who knows????
It does this all the time!!!!
I hate this computer!!!!!

I'll keep trying though, I'm not going to type this all over again!!!



Michelle Dawn said...

hey dear friend, I'm hoping to be back soon we'll see. When I do come back it will be under a new blog name I'll let you know as soon as I can. Miss ya and Have a Merry Christmas.

i beati said...

happy for you take it all in and let nature be your healer and teacher