What a great day I had today!

I found out from one of the other Mums that you can purchase school uniform items from lost property some of which are items returned from kids that have outgrown theirs or left for another school.

I managed to get Little'Un two larger jumpers for £1 (50 cents) each!!!
The sleeves actually come down to her wrists and kept her arms warm.
To buy two new would cost £17.00 (approx $8 - $9).

Lots of little things happened that made me feel good today, finding coins on the floor for one, not a lot but I then could buy Little'Un a cake from the bakery on the way home as a treat.

Little'Un will be doing another concert in March and this time Mum, Dad and Lil'Sis have said they will come see her so Little'Un is over the moon about that.

All in all, it's been a real nice day.

Until next time,

Loadsaluv Azzy.


i beati said...

tape the concert and we can hear-- that's rough when you are concentrating-loved to all sandy

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

It's grand when one has a day filled with good things.


i beati said...

How was the concert??Think of you often.Sandy