Yesterday we had a lovely day out at a place called Puxton Park. It was an Alice in Wonderland weekend so all the staff were dressed up as the characters. Little'Un really enjoyed herself, there were all types of farm animals, even alpaca, a petting zoo, things to climb up, on, and over, slidy things and bouncy things, she had a whale of a time. As you can see in photo number 3, that is me being a bit of a silly moo and pulling my face (the things we do when we have kids. Sigh.....!) Photo number four was taken by Little'Un, how it was not blurred I will never know as she was laughing so much due to me being attacked by chickens, they were pecking at my legs and shoes and pulling my laces. Little'Un rode a pony for the first time, which she said was fantastic even though she said it was a little bumpy on her bum.We sat and watched cows being milked. Little'Un (and me to tell the truth) were amazed at how the machinery does it all automatically then drops off when it has finished! Little'Un wasn't too impressed with the smell though. We have ended up staying at Big Bruvs longer than originally planned and will not be leaving until Friday of this week.

We have had a wonderful time and the weather has been perfect on the days we have planned to go out, sunny while we were out and about and only rained when we got back to the house tea time.
We are planning to go to Sedgemoor Splash again later this week, the local pool in Bridgwater which has slides, fountains, whirlpool and a wave machine Little'Un absolutely loves the place. Unfortunately it seems it isn't making enough money and the local Council will be closing it down this month.

Will post again soon.
Love Azzy


i beati said...

You sound happier and healthier..getting better??

i beati said...

Please let me have your address at Christmas. I lost all 3 of my eldest pets this summer and no job-- So much crying ..sandy