Hello all,

Just thought I would post a pic of my fishies, getting on a bit but still going strong.

The gold one - Goldie (looking a bit worse for wear with a few scales missing due to both fish pushing and shoving each other around the tank, not quite fighting, more like playing) is the only one that stayed the same colour as it was when I got it.
The white one - Patch, originally had gold and white patches. This is the one that survived four or so hours stuck behind a cupboard unit on the soggy carpet when ex-hubby smashed the tank to smithereens when he fell on it and we had to rush him to A & E (see one of my previous posts '999 or 911' for the full story!).

These fish were only about half an inch long when I got them, they are now SIX inches long!!! If they grow anymore I will have to get a bigger tank!

They still keep laying eggs every now and again (don't know which is doing it? or even if both?) but none are hatching. Most of the time I only notice the eggs because they are eating them. Greedy little so-and-so's they get fed twice a day and still scoff hundreds of eggs. No wonder they are so blummin' big.

Thats all for now.

Love Azzy.

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