Look who won first prize in the school 'World Book Day' competition today.

The kids had to dress up as characters from any book they wanted, if they didn't want to do it, they were allowed to go to school in their pyjamas.

Me and Little'Un really struggled with what to do that wouldn't cost too much as most kids actually buy a costume. (I can't afford to do anything like that, so I usually make it myself. Last year she came second, she went as Princess Fiona from Shrek complete with green skin and sticky-out ears!). Thing was, we were only given a couple of days notice from school about this competition.

Anyway, after lots of suggestions, she came up with the idea of '101 Dalmatians'.
She rooted through her wardrobe and all her drawers to find any white clothes she had and we sat for ages trying to figure out how to do the spots on them without ruining her clothes.

At one point she was crying and said to forget it she would wear her pyjamas, then she went to bed (sniff, sniff). I decided not to give up that easily and stayed up working on the outfit.

With marker pen I did spots on an old pair of white tights, same with the ears (made out of an old pair of socks attached with tape to a black headband) the rest of the spots on her clothes were cut from paper I had coloured black and stuck on with sticky tape. I found some old white and black make-up of mine to do her face and TA-DA! A dalmatian!

She woke this morning to find the outfit laid out on the table and was over the moon. She giggled like mad when she saw her reflection in the mirror.

As expected, some of the other kids wore shop bought outfits, quite a lot had turned their uniform into a St Trinians outfit and most wore pyjamas so I was SOOOOO proud when she came running out after school, beaming from ear to ear, waving her £5 book token prize and shouting "I WON, I WON!"

She had the Head Master laughing when she told him unfortunately the other 100 dalmatians couldn't make it as they were off sick! (Seems I have a little commedienne in the making!)

Not bad for bits of paper a marker pen and a pair of old socks!


Love Azzy.


Elizabeth from Yorkshire said...

Brilliant! I always make my boys costumes too. It's amazing what you can achieve with very little. Well done. She looked fantastic.

AZZITIZZ said...

Thank you very much Elizabeth, it's great fun making them yourself isn't it?
What starts off as a pile of junky bits and pieces can end up as a competition winner!
He, he.