Well folks, sorry not been on for a while, been real busy making plans and generally living my everyday life.
Got so much going on right now that I just haven't had time to visit my blog.

Just got back this weekend from a stay in Somerset at big Bruvs, lovely and relaxing and the weather was beautiful, warm and mostly sunny, it did wonders for my dickie knee, I hardly limped and walked for miles (can't do that up here, it's too cold and damp, I'm sure my dickie knee is RUST from all the rain in Manchester!)

We found the perfect place we want to move to. I'm saving really hard for the move, making sure I have enough for my rent deposit, first months rent, administration fees and moving costs with a little extra for any unexpected costs that may crop up, I will have enough by the end of July!!!

Went to see the school Little'Un will be going to, it was closed for Easter but the following week we went back and the caretaker was there so we got quite a few leaflets/information off him, while there we saw loads of properties for rent and visited a few estate agents for details.

Little'Un loves the place, it's such a small town that no matter where in it you live, you are only about five minutes from the beach. 

Neither of us can wait and have started packing up bits and pieces already!

Well, that's all for now, hope you are all keeping well and will pop over to a few of you now to catch up on things.

Will try to post a little more often, can't promise though, busy, busy, busy!

Love Azzy

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sandy said...

when will you move? rememeber to send me address.. sandy